Updates to “What Really Matters” – My Second Book

Here is an update to this chapter of my book of poems about love, loss, and trauma. The nature of the trauma is not discussed in this book. What really matters most to me are relationships and love. Second, only to my career as a clinical social worker helping others, is the joy and happiness … Read more

Announcing the 3rd Autobiographical book published on Wattpad

I hope that you will enjoy this story which is the 3rd book in a series of autobiographical books. #Biobook. #Memoir, #truestory, #mystory, #shy, #lovestory, #truestory. Other books in this series are “What Really Matters – Poems about Love.” This is at https://brucewhealton.com/what-really-mattersand “Memoirs of a Healer/Clinical Social Worker – Autobiography of Bruce Whealton,” which … Read more

Introduction to “Memoirs of a Healer/Clinical Social Worker – Autobiography of Bruce Whealton”

I began my autobiography with a story about how I became suicidal for several reasons. I’ll describe just one now. The fact is that what happened in the past – the trauma and injustice I experienced – has had an impact on my life in the here and now. This book is about how sometimes … Read more

How the Victim Ends up Being charged

Never have the police gotten anything more wrong than when they convicted the victim of a violent crime as the perpetrator in that violent crime. Soaked in blood I sat in shock as they interrogated me. To say this was bizarre, surreal, and nightmarish is an understatement. In some cases of wrongful convictions, it’s about … Read more

Memoirs of a Healer/Clinical Social Worker – Autobiography of Bruce Whealton Announcement

A loving spouse. A healer. How does this person cope with evil villains willing to destroy everything? As the book opens, I was in a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt in December 2019. What starts as a simple conversation with another patient changed my life. Most of the rest of the book tells the … Read more