Overcoming shyness.

These poems are in the fashion of how conversation can get tied up into knots and it can be hard to know what to say or how to respond or to think. Thinking is influenced by our thoughts and so what we think is made up of words that can be made up of tangled conversational knots from which we try to make sense of reality. Sometimes no matter what you say, one person or both persons in a two person dialog will lose. R. D. Laing wrote a collection of poems called Knots and as a writer I am loath to immitate or create anything that is not uniquely inspired by myself alone.

I believe these poems are uniquely my own creations but I might not have gotten the inspiration to articulate these ideas without the life experience of reading the various writing of R. D. Laing. What R. D. Laing started was never intended to completely encapsulate all the knots that exist and therefore I should not feel like I am not creating something originally and uniquely my own just because someone else chose a similar style of writing.

Written by:
Bruce Whealton