Section One – Overcoming Shyness & Loving Lynn – A Memoir

Section One – Overcoming Shyness & Loving Lynn – A Memoir

This section begins with me walking up the beach at Wrightsville Beach and into the past… a past spent with Lynn. She had lived on Wrightsville Beach – a town in Wilmington – and she was living in her mother and step-father’s retirement home.  She was living on N. Lumina Ave. across the street from the beach.

So, Wrightsville Beach is the name of a town and in that town, there is a beach on the open ocean. We spent a great deal of time at this beach, together.

This section then moves to stories about what it was like for me growing up and into college where I battled shyness, social anxiety, and social phobia. A phobia is often characterized by avoidance of the thing that you fear. So, this might be the best way to characterize my experiences.

By avoiding what you fear, you never feel the symptoms of anxiety. So, I didn’t have sweaty palms, racing heart, and other symptoms as I contemplated trying to meet someone or ask someone out on a date.

In this section, I do discuss two females that I dated in college and had all of one date with each person.

Section Two will move on to discussing my first love.

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