My Book Ranking among the top Autobiographies

My Book Ranking among the top Autobiographies

It is amazing that my book is ranked number 33 out of 5600 autobiographies on Wattpad. This is book 3 of a series of books. The first book, “Memoirs of a Healer/Clinical Social Worker – Autobiography of Bruce Whealton” is ranked #3 on Wattpad. It is sad when family members die before you are able to make peace and find a way to reconcile old wounds. I don’t think that my family meant to harm me but in so many ways the emotional neglect and actions that seemed like actions to exclude me were hurtful and made me think negatively about myself.

Image of Blog rankings on Wattpad

So, this isn’t a book where I am ranting about how bad my family is. It’s about how having people in your corner helps you recover and having no one there, even among those who are supposed to care about us, the inaction of family members can become poisonous and it will poison our minds. Make us think there is something wrong with us. This will be developed and further in the next chapter.

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