Memoirs of a Healer/Clinical Social Worker – Autobiography of Bruce Whealton Announcement

Memoirs of a Healer/Clinical Social Worker – Autobiography of Bruce Whealton Announcement

A loving spouse. A healer. How does this person cope with evil villains willing to destroy everything?

As the book opens, I was in a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt in December 2019. What starts as a simple conversation with another patient changed my life. Most of the rest of the book tells the reader how I got to this point. I experienced profound injustice between 2004 and 2006. By opening with a story about suicide, I want the reader to understand that the injustice was not just something that happened long ago.

This book is an account of all my accomplishments and success… I had to overcome tremendous odds and challenges. Growing up, I was paralyzed by shyness and lacked social skills, and so the idea of becoming a psychotherapist never occurred to me when I went off to college. I learned that I could overcome those limitations. I wanted to bring that hope and healing to others. Activities like that make life meaningful and bring me joy.

The reasons why I was suicidal in 2019 were set in motion in 2000 when a meteor would come crashing down upon the life that I had built leaving me powerless to do anything other than watching everything burn to ashes – the home that I had, the life I had known, the love I had, my career, everything would disappear almost as if it never existed. In that one the year 2000, I could not imagine things could get any worse. But the nightmare would continue for the next few years… culminating in a suicide attempt in 2019.

Now, I am connecting with others, building relationships, and finding a reason to live again. I am writing my own story of my life. I will fight against the injustice of the past and offer my gifts to the world. I have so much to offer. I have quite a story to tell. I hope you will help me to move on with my life.

This can be read on Wattpad here Or on Amazon here.

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