Author Interview: Bruce Whealton Interviewed regarding their writing

Author Interview: Bruce Whealton Interviewed regarding their writing

Jasveena from International Book Promotion interview

In the above video I was interviewed about my book series – a series of memoirs (creative non-fiction). This particular book is titled “Overcoming Shyness & Loving Lynn – A Memoir” . The book is available on Amazon here.

The book is a love story but it is more complicated than that. It would have been nice if the couple that fell in love lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, Lynn, my wife, was born with a genetic and terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis. I was a mental health professional, a therapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I might have had knowledge about how to heal the mind but I couldn’t heal Lynn who had been afflicted with a physical illness.

Lynn and I actually never had a wedding but we lived as husband and wife. In order for Lynn to have access to medical care she had to qualify for a state insurance program. If the state saw us as a married couple, they would consider both of our incomes and she might be denied coverage. This could threaten her survival. I was influenced by religious upbringing that taught that unmarried people shouldn’t live together, share the same bed, make love, and those kinds of things. I reasoned that these ideas were developed as guidance for situations other than our own unique circumstances. When Lynn’s mother offered to buy a home for us to live in together, the implication was not that we would be like roommates.

I reconciled these ideas by telling myself that in the eyes of God we were married. The strange thing is that we continued to tell friends and others that Lynn was my fianc√© and vice versa. It was a rather tragic state of affairs. As a Catholic, holy matrimony is a sacrament and I never received that. The church wouldn’t marry us without a legal marriage certificate.

I would like to warn the reader that there is no happy ending to this story. That being said, it doesn’t end like you might expect. It’s a complicated story.

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