June 2022

Lynn Denise Krupey (1967-2015) – What She Made Possible

Lynn Denise Krupey (1967-2015) - What She Made Possible There is a conversation that I started with someone about my guilt and problems with things I didn't say to Lynn before she died. There was no closure. Lynn and I lived as husband and wife for years back in the 90s. It should have lasted longer but I had problems back in 2000 when she got sick. She was born with a terminal disease called Cystic Fibrosis and I felt I should have been prepared to cope with the day when her life would be threatened... I believed all these...

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Author Interview: Bruce Whealton Interviewed regarding their writing

The book is a love story but it is more complicated than that. It would have been nice if the couple that fell in love lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, Lynn, my wife, was born with a genetic and terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis. I was a mental health professional, a therapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I might have had knowledge about how to heal the mind but I couldn’t heal Lynn who had been afflicted with a physical illness.

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